Le Petit Palais

Maison de Charme

Unique atmosphere 

In the heart of the city

Located along the oldest monumental staircase in Naples, the Pedamentina of Saint Martino, dating back to the 14th century, Le Petit Palais - Naples is inserted in what in the past were the buttresses of Saint Elmo Castle on the border with the gardens of Saint Martino charterhouse.

Its structure preserves the ancient arches that delimit the interior spaces and evokes atmospheres of other times thanks to a restoration that respects the places and which has favored the recovery and use of natural materials. At its entrance the visitor is welcomed by a large tuff wall which is part of the structural containment system of the Castle.

A legend relates that Baudelaire during his Neapolitan stay resided in what was the castle's guesthouse, describing a particular pointed arch that is still visible today at the entrance to the property.


San Martino


The staircase ‘The Pedamentina of Saint Martino’

Located along the monumental staircase ‘Pedamentina of Saint Martino’

Excellent position

Ideal for lovers of urban trekking

Equipped with all comforts

A simple but refined environment

Suggestive views

An atmosphere of peace

The Petit Palais - Naples is located in a historic complex that was once part of the possessions of the Saint Martino charterhouse.

Hystoriacal house

Finely restored