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Urban Tracking

The stairs of Naples are a complex of paths rediscovered only in recent years that have always allowed the connection of the different areas of the lower city with the surrounding hills. The most famous are:
• Sant Martino Pedamentina – connects Saint Martino area to the historic center
• Saint Francesco Downhill – connects the Vomero hill to the seafront
• Petraio – connects Saint Martino area to Chiaia
• Moiariello or the Posillipo of the poors – connects Foria street to Capodimonte hill

Kayak or Canoe in Posillipo: guided tour or by rental of equipment.
The Gaiola bay: diving and snorkeling in the submerged archaeological park in the heart of Naples Established as a protected marine area in 2002, the Gaiola bay park allows the thrill of swimming among marine organisms and submerged Roman remains. – Is required reservation by calling the Park Visitor Center at +39-0812403235 (Tuesday-Sunday 10 am – 2 pm)



Baia and its submerged archaeological park

The ancient Roman city of Baia, submerged over the centuries by the phenomenon of bradyseism, houses the remains of domus and villas, thermae, mosaics and extraordinary testimonies